The YAY Story

HEY! I’m Kate!

I had this crazy, creative and colourful idea of following my dreams whilst juggling being a mum to my biggest fans Ted & Mabel. 

Here’s the story behind The YAY Makers and why I love what I do...

In 2011, I launched a craft and vintage market in Aberdeen called ‘The March Hare Market’. We strived to deliver an event that showcased the amazing talent within the North East of Scotland and gave people a “handmade home” where they could visit each month and shop for quality products. I did this for 4 years and I learnt a lot! I met some fantastically talented people and made some really great friends in the process. 

Bright Lights...

The time came when my partner and I had to up sticks and move to the bright lights of Edinburgh – and sadly that was the end of my market days.

Over the next few years I began a new career, had a baby, got married, moved  to Glasgow, and then had another baby. With all that going on, I seemed to lose momentum with my handmade love-affair. It wasn't until I became a stay at home mum that the fire started to ignite again. I started to toy with the idea of progressing what I had started in Aberdeen with my market - but in an all new way that meant I could still be a hands-on mum!

Hello The Yay Makers...

So, this is where we are today - the wonderful things I learnt from my market event days have taken me back down the path to the creative and handmade world that I felt so at home in, and supporting the small maker to be seen – yay! But this time with a wonderfully new spin - and I am all too excited to be sharing it with you.

Each month I get the wonderful joy of producing colourful and creative monthly subscription boxes that bring my subscribers exclusive products from the talented makers and designers that are filling the world with colour.

The YAY Makers is all about working in ‘colouraboration’ with indie artists to put the YAY in your day!