Kate at The YAY Makers?

Hi I’m Kate I had this crazy creative and colourful idea of following my dreams whilst juggling being a mum of soon to be two very small beans - go big or go home right!

Here’s the background of The YAY Makers and why I love what I do…………

The concept of The YAY Makers came from a love of everything handmade, over the past 6 years I created a craft and vintage market in Aberdeen (The March Hare Market) where we strived to deliver an event that showcased the talent within the North East of Scotland and gave people a “home” where they could visit each month and shop for quality products.

Over those years we learnt a lot, met some fantastically talented people, and made some really great friends. The time came when we had to end our market and upsticks to move to the bright lights of Edinburgh.

Over the next few years I began a new career, had a baby, and myself and my now husband got married. With all of that going on I seemed to lose momentum for all things handmade, which for me was a real shame. it wasn't until I became a stay at home mum that the fire started to ignite again and I started to toy with the idea of progressing what I had started in Aberdeen - but in an all new way that could mean I could still be mum!

So this is where we are today - the wonderful things I learnt from my market event days has taken me back down the path of all things handmade, but with a wonderfully new spin - and I am all too excited to be sharing it with you all.

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Our YAY Family is getting bigger, so what will our maternity leave time mean for The YAY Makers subscription?

Current YAY Maker & Pin Club Subscribers

As of December we will be placing a hold (freeze) on the following payments Dec 1st, Jan 1st, Feb 1st, Mar 1st - your first payment for 2019 will be April 1st with your first box being dispatched on May 14th. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

New YAY Maker & Pin Club Subscribers 

We still want you to subscribe through our maternity leave period, so as of December 1st to secure subscription space for 2019 sign up for either subscription box for just £7 and receive our new Welcome Box, where you’ll receive a past limited edition pin and tote bag as well as our welcome pack.

Your first official payment will then be taken on April 1st with your first brand spanking new box being dispatched on May 14th 2019. ⠀

YAY Shop

Our YAY Shop will remain open across our maternity leave period, and there will be no delay in orders being dispatched. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


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