Meet our Featured Artist - Clarice Tudor @calriceillustrates

How long have you been designing/illustrating for?

I’m three years into an Art and Design degree at Uni of Leeds. My illustration really took off about a year and a half ago when local bands began to commission me for album artwork and t shirt designs. This led me to apply for a year in industry in which I design posters and other artwork for a local music venue which has revolutionised my style and level of skill. So, I’d say although I’ve always been a keen artist, it started becoming really worthwhile to me when I got involved with my local community. 

What best describes your style? 

Pastel pink self-pity with thick outlines. I’m obsessed with using halftone at the minute too.

Tell us a little about where you find inspiration from?

Coffee. The people I love. Hygge. Lil Peep. Betty Cooper. Cinema. Particularly coming-of-age films (I’m vibing hard with Lady Bird right now). 00s. Misery. Joy. The online art community. The zine scene. DIY culture. Jenny Holzer. The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.

Now to the exclusive pin - what made you create this style of pin, and where did your inspiration come from for it?

I took inspiration from my own pin collection, particularly my ‘chill the hell out’ pin. I suffer from splitting episodes and intense mood swings and I bought this pin just as a little reminder that no matter how much they feel like it, my negative feelings aren’t ‘the truth’ and they won’t last for long. Therefore, I decided to make another little reminder pin as this box launches in mental health awareness week. I often leave myself little positive post-it messages around to help myself along during more challenging times. For example, I have ‘hope and courage’ written on my pin board to remind me to take these two things with me everywhere. Now it’s a pin I really can take it with me everywhere!

If you had any advice for budding designers/illustrators out there what would it be?

Being able to draw isn’t a talent, it’s a skill. You earn and learn it through practice. A year ago, I considered myself solely a traditional artist as I had no digital design skills and saw digital art as totally daunting. But now I’m almost solely a digital artist as I realised you can literally learn anything on youtube and it’s never too late to start. Seriously, youtube tutorials are you best friend. So, don’t be put off by feeling unskilled because you can learn any skill, all you really need is ideas. I had a fortune cookie once that said, ‘the secret to getting ahead is getting started’, it’s on my pin board now of course.  

Quickfire round

Favourite Artist: Ben Montero

Favourite holiday destination: New York!

Favourite animal: kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Colour: Millennial pink, naturally.

Tell us your best joke: Only 11% of creative directors are women. That’s a joke.

Thank you co much to Clarice from Clarice Illustrates for designing such a colourful, and hopeful pin for us, we hope that you love it as much as we do! If so you will be able to purchase our pins in our shop very soon.

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