Meet our Featured Artist - Katie Abey @katieabey

How long have you been illustrating/designing for?
I have been running my own business since I graduated from uni in 2014 but I have been drawing since I was a small human. I used to be obsessed with drawing people with bellybuttons and cutting up the Argos catalogue to make household appliance collages.

What best describes your style?
All of the colours there ever were mixed together with llamas and cats and then sprinkled with puns and sarcasm and positivity.

Tell us a little about where you find inspiration for:
I find inspiration in lots of places. I like to surround myself with people with brains as strange as my own and so I find my favourite people super inspiring. I also like animals and the amazing personalities each one has. It can be fun to try and get their personalities across in illustration from.

Now to the exclusive pin - what made you create this style of pin and where did your inspiration come from for it?
Sometimes it can be really hard to venture out of your comfort zone (this is coming from a massive introvert so I know what I'm talking about!). But I have found that the most amazing things can happen when we do. So I thought it would be cool to create a little Brave Bear that you can wear whenever you need to do something a bit scary so that he can give you the courage you need. Your comfort zone will still be there for you to crawl back to and get all snuggly at the end of the day, just think of how amazing you will feel after you have done the scary thing!

If you had any advice for budding illustrators out there what would it be?
Creating what you love and making things from your brain into actual real life things that you can look at and see in the real world is the most amazing thing in itself. Don't ever lose the fun in what you are creating, as that is the most important thing.

Favourite artist: Dali
Favourite holiday destination: Montreux, Switzerland
Favourite animal: CATS. To be specific, my kitty Francis Von Squiggle Face (The Third)
Favourite colour: Rainbow
Tell us your best joke: Your face