Mental Health Awareness & The YAY Makers

Hello and Welcome to our website we hope you love it as much as we do. 

So lets dive straight in The YAY Makers box isn't a self help subscription nor are we promising to solve mental health issues,  but what we are trying to do is bring products into your life that will make you smile, feel good, and remind you that the world isn't such a bad place - you just have to see past the clouds to find the sunshine. 

As I sit and write this blog, I'm listening to a Throwback Thursday's playlist from Spotify and All Saints 'Never Ever' has come on (which throws me back to the 90s where I was a scruffy haired tom boy) (Opp's I'm still that hahah) and I'm sitting thinking this is a TUNE, I Iove this song, and in my next thought I'm listening to the lyrics, and WOW it's a pretty sad and depressing song.

Never ever have I ever felt so low, When you gonna take me out of this black hole? 
Never ever have I ever felt so sad 
The way I’m feeling yeah, you got me feeling really bad
— All Saints 'Never Ever'

Sad right! and so weird that I'm writing about being positive and happy and this song is playing - anyway I'll get back to my original thoughts, emotion is all around us in good and bad forms, it's really hard to get away from it, especially the bad. So what The YAY Makers wants to do is deliver positive, colourful, happy, fun to your doorstep each month with products from indpendent makers. 


This month we are working with Positivitea to deliver Tea & Talk, this idea is exactly what it say's it is, we want you to take a moment with a friend, family member or even your cat (do't give your cat the other tea) but take a moment and talk, It can be about anything and everything we just want you to take a timeout from life and enjoy a good chat. 

Other products (sorry no more spoilers) will be based around positive affirmations, enabling you to think and take note, and also show everyone that life is what you make it - so make it bloody great right! 

Here at The YAY Makers we aren't working directly with Mental Health Awareness Week, but we are saluting their work and supporting them by spreading the word on how you can beat/support someone you may know and love with Mental Health challenges (I don't like to call them problems). So head to their website for information and if you need support talk - it really does help! Over the next few weeks and months we will also be focusing some of our blogs on how you can use different ways to improve your mental health which is always a good thing right! 

The launch of The YAY Makers has been a long journey, but one that myself and my husband Stuart have relished. We hope that it brings to you just a small amount of the joy that it has given to us so far! 

 Lastly in the words of a band that have got me through some tough times and hopefully leave you with a smile on your face. 

Take the time to make some sense of what you want to say and cast your words away upon the waves / Sail them home with acquiesce on a ship of hope today, and as they land upon the shore, tell them not to fear no more / Say it loud and sing it proud today.
— Oasis, The Masterplan. 

Till next time have a beautiful day everyone x