About Us

The YAY Makers, the colourful, playful clothing brand, created by me Kate, hi. 

So how did this colourful brand come to be? 

After having kids my body changed, and to be honest I wanted to fade into the background, I wanted to hide myself in black dull clothes hoping that no one would see me….pretty grim right!

As you can read my confidence was at an all time low, mentally and physically, I wasn’t enjoying the way I looked. But having had enough of dressing my kids in the most glorious colours each day, and opening my wardrobe to the black abyss I wanted things to change. 

Cue, positive chats with myself, drive, motivation, and attitude. 

The YAY Makers was born, and born to inject that colourful positivity back into not only my life, but the lives of all adults craving colour. 

My biggest mission with The YAY Makers from day dot, has been to encourage adults that just because we are adults it doesn't mean we can’t wear all the colour, feel its benefits and find our confidence again, owning who they are inside and out!