About Us

Hey I’m Kate

I had this crazy, creative and colourful idea of following my dreams whilst juggling being a mum to my biggest fans Ted & Mabel.

The YAY Makers has been delivering the YAY for the past 2 years in the shape of a monthly subscription box that brings together a whole heap of amazingly talented small indie businesses who create exclusive products for our subscribers. 

After 3 years of craziness and creativity it’s time to shake things up and I wanted you to be in on the start of the colourful exciting journey I am now taking.

Who the hell are The YAY Makers now????

Good question, In a nutshell The YAY Makers is here to drive out the everyday blacks and greys in wardrobes from across the land and help people become colour confident.


Why am I doing this? Why do I want people to feel colour confident? After research and some personal battles I found that when people wear colour they feel different, they feel happier, braver, and more confident so why not try and encourage more of these amazing feelings.

How are we doing that exactly???

The YAY Makers is now an £18 bi-monthly subscription box that pops through letterboxes, inside, our subscribers receive a T-shirt that is bold, colourful and will push them to make brave statements when it comes to what they wear. When it comes to the bold and colourful designs each tee is designed by an insanely talented indie biz designer/maker/creator who is selected based on their style, ethos and colourful imagination. 

The heart of The YAY Makers is two fold, firstly we all want to feel great and feel more confident which is what each Tee is trying to achieve. Secondly supporting small indie designers has been a passion of mine for such a long time so making sure they are part of the journey is very important. 

I’ve loved the past 2 years of The YAY Makers, I’ve worked with such talented small business owners and bought YAY to my subscribers days. Now it’s time to help people become colour confident, by still bringing the YAY but in an all new different and exciting way.