Sell, Swap, Upcycle

Here at The YAY Makers, we make sure we don’t come under that massed produced heading which is why everything we create is limited and produced in very small print runs. As well as that we have a recycling and up-cycling point for all our subscribers to take advantage of. Once you are finished with your tee we have two options for you:


You have the chance to sell your tee within our closed FB group, new subscribers are always on the hunt for past T-shirts they missed.


Swapping is a great way to nab something special, you can do this by posting a request in our closed FB group.


Send the tee back to me and I will up-cycle it into something new for you, and send it back to you in your next box.

All our sweatshirts are produced in Europe with manufacturers that are WRAP/BSCI accredited, all sweatshirts are also 100% vegan with no animal products used in the production method.

All our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and manufactured in Bangladesh, within GOTs certified factories that are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

All designs we create are either applied via vinyl application or non toxic screen printed ink.